2024 Exhibitors

Trade Show and Conference Rooms

1650 Argyle St, Halifax, NS B3J 0E6

Host Hotel

1700 Grafton St, Halifax, NS B3J 2C4

Warning to exhibitors:  BOOK ACCOMMODATIONS DIRECTLY WITH THE HOTEL THROUGH THE ONLINE LINK PROVIDED. If you are contacted by Exhibitor Housing Services or any other 3rd party agency to book your room for the CPA conference be advised that the Canadian Parking Association is NOT affiliated in any way with these companies and your reservation may not be honoured. The CPA does not utilize a housing service for any bookings.

Sales and Soliciting

The Canadian Parking Association provides premium opportunities for vendors to meet and conduct business at the only trade event in Canada for the parking industry. It is through the dedicated support of its Supplier and Vendor members that the CPA can assemble the Canadian parking market under one roof for this purpose.

The practice of Suit Casing at a trade show is not new, however in the past few years, it has seen a significant increase. Additionally, name-bade swapping is abundant.

What is Suit Casing?

For those unfamiliar with the term, suit casing refers to non-registered exhibitors who go to a show as an attendee, but pass out information, samples, etc. about their business from a suitcase, literally or figuratively. This is considered theft from show management, exhibitors, and even attendees. Suit casers didn’t pay to exhibit, and yet they’re enjoying access to attendees just the same as legitimate exhibitors.
Ultimately, suit casers can siphon revenues that legitimate exhibitors, and the association might have received.

To mitigate the damage and losses that occur as a result, the CPA has introduced stricter rules to curtail these activities on the trade show floor. All attendees will be required to show their Government ID at the Registration desk, and name badges will only be issued to the registered person. Violators will forfeit their name badge and be removed from the event. Owners of the mis-used name badge will be charged full fees for a replacement.

If you observe these activities, please report them to Show Management.