Front-Line, Entry Level and New to Parking

Parking Professional Primer (PPP)

The Parking Professional Primer (PPP) program is a training program aimed at assisting organizations with orienting new front-line employees to the dynamic world of parking. PPP is also an excellent ‘refresher course’ for long-term, front-line staff in need of revitalization.

Fee Structure
  • Members: Per Student: $150.00
  • Non-Members: Per Student: $200.00
  • A 10% discount will be applied for 10 or more applications.
  • Fees include study manual, review exercises and test.
Testing Options / Recognition
  • Testing is conducted online.  Paper/pencil tests may be requested in extenuating circumstances.
  • Candidates who pass the test will receive a certificate suitable for framing and will be featured in CPA publications, unless the candidate requests exclusion.

Learn more about the Parking PPP Program

Download the pdf for full details.

Supervisors and Manager Level Training

Canadian Certified Parking Facility Manager (CCPFM)

The CCPFM program is undergoing an update, and will be completed in the fall of 2018.  Details will be sent once registration is available.

The Canadian Certified Parking Facility Manager program (CCPFM) is a practical, comprehensive curriculum designed to assist managers in performing their duties in an effective and professional manner.

This program sets performance and service standards at the point where the parking industry and the customer meet. The CCPFM credential is the standard by which performance will be judged.


Your Canadian Certified Parking Facility Manager (CCPFM) Certification is valid for three years, after which time, recertification is required. This ensures that the professional designation maintains its validity in the current market. Recertification is achieved by completing and accumulating three points from any combination of the following exercises within a three-year period, starting from the date of certification.

2 points each:
  • Write and have your article published in The Parker
  • Be a speaker at the Annual Conference & Trade Show (includes 1 point for attending)
1 point each:
  • Attend the Annual Conference & Trade Show as a full delegate
  • Conduct a Parking Professional Primer (PPP) training session with your staff
  • Participate on a local Conference Host Committee
  • Present/facilitate a session at a Chapter meeting
½ point each:
  • Attend a District Chapter meeting
  • Recruit a new member to the CPA
  • Submit a nomination for the annual Canadian Parking Foundation Awards
  • Renew your CPA membership each year (1/2 point per year)

Learn more about the Parking CCPFM Program

The CCPFM program is undergoing an update, and will be announced once complete.   

Download the pdf for a complete look at the CCPFM Program

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Management Level, CEO, COO, CFO Training

This program is under development.

Training Videos

Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada has recently completed four videos to help those in the retail and service industry fight fraud.

Bank of Canada YouTube Channel

Fighting Fraud on the Front Lines tackles: • Debit card fraud • Identity crime • Cheque fraud, and • Counterfeit bank notes

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