The Parking Supervisor of the Year Award has been created for employees who have been serving in a parking and transportation position at the time of nomination, be an active member of a CPA member company in good standing and who has worked for a minimum of two years in the parking industry in a supervisory position.

NOMINATION CRITERIA                               

Award criteria:

  • Evidence of leadership in the parking and transportation industry.
  • Commitment to advancing unique and innovative ideas.
  • Professional character and reputation.
  • Indications of service and leadership include participation on boards, committee, task forces, and presentations, etc.
  • Community service including civic organizations or other groups outside the industry.
  • Service to the profession above and beyond normal job responsibilities.

Parking Supervisor of the Year nominations must include all of the following:

  1. A two-page statement (approximately 1,000 words) discussing the individual and why he/she is deserving of recognition. Include a description of the individual’s customer service skills demonstrated that re above-and-beyond his/her job description.
  2. Resume, job description, or outline of duties.
  3. A one-page letter of recommendation from the appropriate supervisor.
  4. A one-page letter of recommendation from a subordinate of the nominee.
  5. A one-page letter of recommendation from a peer.
  6. Additional supporting documentation, if desired (not to exceed three pages).


Head/shoulders professional photo in JPG or Vector format: a minimum of 300 dpi high resolution (i.e. original, unedited JPG at original size, at least 2″ x 2″ and 1 MB). 


If you have a video that you would like to submit with your nomination, please include the URL in your nomination submittal.

Eligibility:  Open to CPA members from all sectors. 

Application Fee:  There is no entry fee.


This form cannot be saved. All supporting documentation must be uploaded with this submission. Please read the Nomination Criteria and provide all accompanying documentation in pdf format.

2022 Parking Supervisor of the Year

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2020 Recipient

Pablo Pascual, EasyPark

As the Operations Manager, Safety, Security and Facilities Maintenance, Pablo manages one of the most comprehensive parking safety & security programs in Canada. Through the utilization of 4 different security companies to provide mobile, static and K9 security to more than 150 parking lots in Vancouver, Pablo ensures that every EasyPark customer has access to a clean and safe facility. 

Pablo’s extensive background in physical security, including several years as a K9 handler and supervisor of various operational groups within security operations, has provided the basis for the success of the safety and security programs at EasyPark.

As the only parking provider with a K9 program in Canada, Pablo manages the daily challenges of safety and security in Vancouver, and specifically the Downtown Eastside (DTES) neighbourhood which is one of the city’s oldest – the area is the site of a complex set of social issues including high levels of drug use, homelessness, poverty, crime, mental illness and prostitution.  EasyPark operates 8 key parking facilities (4,291 stalls) in this area.

Pablo’s career in Parking began in 2013, while he was a Control Centre operator with EasyPark’s contract security provider. Pablo was responsible for scheduling guards to patrol EasyPark facilities. His career progression was closely tied to EasyPark – soon Pablo was certified as a K9 handler with his partner Ares and they patrolled the EasyPark lots handling evictions, helping customers, and providing outstanding service to the community. He was then promoted to Supervisor of the EasyPark Security program and then in 2016, he was promoted to the Operations Manager, K9 Security. At that point, Pablo was highly accomplished with multiple awards and recognition for his focus on safety & security within the community. In the Summer of 2017, Pablo accepted a role with EasyPark to oversee the Safety & Security Programs at EasyPark. In 2018, Pablo’s portfolio was expanded to include facilities maintenance.

Since joining EasyPark, Pablo has revamped the Safety & Security Program. Pablo had oversight over the following initiatives:

  • Annual Holiday Theft from Auto (TFA) Awareness Campaign, which included undercover work and a partnership with the Vancouver Police Department (VPD)
  • Expanding our K9 Security Program to 24/7 coverage
  • Achieved a reduction of TFA YoY by 39%, utilizing various programs and partnerships within the community
  • Monthly DTES Safety Patrols in partnership with our security provider
  • Monthly Safety Education lunch and learn sessions – with focus on personal security as well as overall safety education and best practices for active shooter scenarios, earthquake preparedness, and conflict management training.
  • Initiated EasyPark’s quarterly “Leave Nothing in Your Car” campaign, which effectively uses social media, our security partners and community outreach to educate and deter theft from auto while parked at EasyPark parking facilities. Through the complimentary risk assessments left on windshields to alert parkers of potential risks of their vehicle, we saw a reduction of TFAs during campaigns of as high as 40% reduction at some facilities.
  • Expanding the partnership with the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) to include graffiti removal, safe walks, foot patrols of our parking facilities to augment our own security patrols to help achieve a clean, safe, and welcoming downtown to residents and visitors
  • Oversaw 32 new site openings in 2019. Which added another 3,000+ stalls under the EasyPark brand
  • Responsible for over $250,000 in savings by negotiating new agreements with contractors and vendor partners
  • Oversaw a critical incident with the City of Vancouver (CoV) in 2019, when one site was deemed a safety hazard and was ordered to evacuate all vehicles immediately. Pablo received kudos from all levels of the CoV senior management for his quick action and execution of the evacuation of all 300+ vehicles from the public parking structure and strata compound within 3 hours, securing the site and having a security team there for the next 2 months as the CoV engineers evaluated the structure.

In 2019, Pablo’s security statistics included the following:

  • 1,455 TFAs from EasyPark facilities
  • 10,154 trespass incidents
  • 29,469 Customer Service Assistance calls (which include safe walks, tows, emergency service for customers)
  • 51 crimes in progress that resulted in police arrests
  • 23 assaults on our security personnel
  • 350+ hours dedicated to graffiti removal in the downtown core
  • 12,031 needles and drug paraphernalia picked up

Pablo works closely with the VPD and CoV daily. His outstanding professionalism in communications and project management has contributed greatly to numerous new site start ups as well as daily operations.

Through his efforts, we have seen success at the new Fraser Street site in Vancouver. This site was an extremely complicated start up due to the local community being very accustomed to free parking for over 30 years. Working closely with CoV as well as the South Hill BIA, Pablo transformed the site through new and improved signage as well as ancillary services work which included landscaping, lighting enhancements along with marketing and promotion initiatives.

Pablo embraces his work and dedication to improve the community by providing his expertise to enhance safety and security to the public. His innovative approach to safety, security and facilities maintenance has helped EasyPark continue to grow and become the parking operator of choice for many landlords, property managers and private owners. 

The new age of parking has arrived and the recognition of innovation to an everchanging parking operations is imperative to the continued success of this industry.  We are pleased to nominate Pablo Pascual as the Canadian Parking Association’s Parking Supervisor of the Year.

2018 Recipient

Chelsea Kidd, EasyPark

Chelsea and her team of 9 have changed the way customers think of a parking company. When her team resolves appeals they take an educational approach and use the opportunity to guide customers on parking rules and regulations.

As a key stakeholder in daily operations, Chelsea receives praise from corporate clients as she works hard to ensure their requests are met and they remain satisfied with their parking program.  She has become the subject expert on the parking management system and continues to bring in new ideas that streamline processes for clients and employees.

Chelsea continuously strives to exceed customer expectations, deliver industry leading standards of service and is creative and innovative around customer experience, keeping the needs of the customer first when making decisions.

2017 Recipient

Sing Yu, EasyPark