Annual Conference and Trade Show

The founders of the association saw the need to hold an annual meeting to share new ideas, gain technical expertise, and offer a venue for showcasing innovative solutions to the industry’s challenges.

Annual Conference

This event has evolved over the years to include world-class speakers, presentations, and learning opportunities and is anxiously anticipated by all, as it is a most significant nationwide networking opportunity.

Trade Show

A major portion of the annual gathering is the trade show. It is here that members who may be in the market for new equipment and/or ideas can see state-of-the-art products and innovation available from Canadian and internationally-based suppliers, speak to the vendors, and place orders.

Round Table Discussions

These discussion groups provide an opportunity for the different sectors of the industry to meet for informal ‘shop talk’ sessions and have become a tradition at the annual conference. The meetings are a place to renew acquaintances and meet new members from the parking profession. It is here that members speak freely and share problems, insights, and solutions that are specific to their sector. Where else can airport, hospital, university, municipal parking managers, and consultants gather to network?