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A new opportunity for suppliers, manufacturers, private operators, and consultants to expand their reach to the Canadian Parking and Mobility markets through a robust search engine platform.

By listing your company in the CPA Directory, you will be accessible to all who seek services for their parking operations, including CPA members and anyone who requires information about products and services available to the Canadian parking industry.

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We are in the ongoing process of loading CPA members as well as past members to get the ball rolling! Keep in mind this directory will be a work in progress until all the companies listed are in and have checked their listing details.

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Benefits of online business listing directories

Benefits of online business listing directories

Brand exposure. By placing your listing in the CPA Directory, you’ll increase your exposure to your target audience. Getting listed would amplify your online presence and put you ahead of the competition.

Inexpensive advertising. As mentioned above, you can list your business for free or at a low cost. Advertising your business on the CPA Directory is an affordable option that offers optimal results for minimal investment.  

Improved visibility. The CPA Directory listings can be filtered by location, thus, your prospects can see your business locally or nationally, thus boosting your customer base.

Boosts SEO. Providing valuable information with key search words allows Google to obtain insight into your website and rank you better. Your online business listing can be a great way to support existing information about your website, thus, generating more traffic to it.

Networking through B2B. Other companies can look you up and initiate business with you. If you want to partner with such organizations, listing your website in online business listings can give you higher chances of partnering with such companies.

Identify as an accessible service to the Canadian market. Whether your company is Canadian based, or International, you will be recognized by Canadian buyers.
Support Canada!