The role of district chapters

The Canadian Parking Association board encourages and supports the creation of district chapters of the CPA. The CPA’s goals for the creation of district chapters are to foster the CPA mission and vision at a local level, to support the CPA strategic plan and to encourage increased involvement in the CPA.

Benefits of District Chapters

District Chapters enable the CPA to extend its reach to all levels of the parking industry. Chapter members interact frequently to discuss problems and new concepts with the goal of developing common solutions at the local level. The local chapters are comprised of individuals or companies who are involved locally in the parking industry.

Chapter leaders are required to hold a CPA membership, but participants do not require a membership to attend meetings. Admission fees are required from time to time to cover the cost of speakers, room rentals, or miscellaneous expenses.

Call the CPA office and ask for information on the chapter nearest you or contact the chapter leader in your area.

Chapter Leader Toolbox