Marketing & Communications Awards


This award spotlights outstanding marketing, promotional, public relations, and communications-outreach efforts in the parking industry that provide a high level of information to improve the image of the industry to the public.

Have you:

  • Created and launched a successful marketing or communications campaign which had a significant and measureable impact on customers and/or revenues?
  • Launched a campaign to encourage people to ride share, bike share, or other transportation bundling with parking?
  • Instituted a parking safety program?
  • Helped consumers think about the parking process in a whole new way?
  • Undertaken an effort to show that parking companies can make a difference in your community?



Open to CPA member organizations from all sectors, which have a formal communications, public relations, or marketing program that educates and informs. If you can answer yes to these questions, you should consider entering:

  • Is your organization a parking authority, city, company or institution with a parking department, a parking owner, or a service or product provider serving the parking and/or transportation industry?
  • Did your organization have a marketing, public relations, or communications program or campaign that promoted parking, a parking product or service, or a new parking program that achieved measurable and favorable outcomes?
  • Did that program or campaign help foster understanding of the importance of parking, knowledge about trends in parking, or awareness of parking trends or best practices?
  • Did the program or campaign take place, at least in part, during 2021?

Entry Fee: $100 per entry                                                                               

Submission Requirements:

Executive Summary (300 words)

Program Description (700 words)

Innovation/Creativity (25%)

Note the various elements that make this program or operation creative. Explain how this program/operation is original and unique.

Improvements and Measured Benefits (50%)

Improvements (25%):  explain how the program increased product awareness, increased market share, increased revenues, increased efficiency, improved productivity, relieved congestion, or solved a problem.

Measured Benefits (25%):  describe the success of the program and what standard of measurement was used to determine success (efficiency, safety, savings of time or money, etc.)

Adaptability (25%)

Describe how this program concept can be used by other agencies. Explain the ease by which others can adapt the program/operation to their use.

2024 Marketing & Communications Awards

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Ray Laurie

jetSet Parking
Edmonton International Airport


Ian Maher
Toronto Parking Authority

Finding a parking spot was, and is an increasingly difficult task in the City of Toronto. To address these issues TPA sought a solution to implement technology and make local trips easier. Under Ian Maher’s direction, the TPA was able to provide data-driven reporting and analytics system, simplifying the problem with mobile payments. For the city, the application reduces hardware costs for maintenance and replacement, is easy to implement and has low operation costs. The increased transactions then – in turn – have increased revenue.

For the user, it created a line of communication that has never existed, enabling parking operators to communicate with customers about marketing campaigns and promotions through the app. More importantly, it provides a safer way to pay for parking from the security of the vehicle or even from the office. The TPA Marketing team was tasked with making the community aware of the Green P app and educating people about the use and its benefits with great success.


jetSet Parking
Edmonton International Airport