2023 Call for Presentation

Call for Presentations

Parking & Mobility – Progressing Together

OCTOBER 1 – 4, 2023

The CPA is inviting submissions from industry experts who are proficient at providing dynamic and interactive programming as part of the overall conference learning experience.

The 2023 agenda will serve to continue delivering timely information that is impacting the parking industry and the people who work to improve the services provided to their communities.

The Main Stage will be reserved for accomplished speakers who will deliver diverse topics of interest and unique concepts that provoke thought, discussion and guide the direction of the future parking and mobility industries.

Presentation Topics

Topics should focus on present-day and near future developments, as well as long term scenarios that are relevant to a variety of parking and mobility interest groups:

Universities/Colleges Municipalities
Mobility Managers
Transportation Demand Management
Urban Planners

Concepts & Topic Suggestions

  • Blending Parking & Mobility – Finding the Balance
  • Curbside Design & Management
  • Industry Disruptors: Embrace or Avoid
  • Anchoring Parking in New Urban Design Concepts
  • Car Share / Ride Share
  • Solutions to First & Last Mile Commute
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking
  • Pacing Technology Changes: LPR, Mobile Apps
  • Infrastructure: Facilities, Operations, Management
  • Structures: Asset or Liability?
  • Facilities Maintenance Plan
  • Data: Revenue, Occupancy, etc.
  • Developing an RFP
  • Service: Valet and Event Parking
  • Parking in a Multi-Modal Community
  • Human Resources, Training & Personal Development
  • Emergency Preparedness

session formats

CASE STUDIES: Municipal, institutional, or private operations share timely information on actual projects from start to finish. Regardless of the outcome – successful or not – shared experiences and lessons learned can save time and resources for those contemplating a similar project.

PANEL DISCUSSIONS: form your team from various stakeholder groups and focus on a single topic. Each presenter is given time to present their perspective and the audience then joins in a Q&A session, moderated by a topic exert.

WORKSHOPS: should be formatted to include full participation, starting with the topic introduction, then working through an interactive discussion and/or exercise that will leave the attendees with valuable information to implement at their operations.

VENDOR LEARNING LOUNGE: will be a focus group available to exhibitors and vendors to present proprietary content and gather feedback from the attendees. Scheduled outside of exhibit hours as a component of the educational program.  These sessions will be available for a fee. Discounts will be available for registered exhibiting companies.


Submissions must include all speakers’ names, company names and acknowledgement of their willingness to participate in the presentation. Changes, additions, and substitutions will not be allowed. Each presenter must acknowledge conference registration is required and all personal expenses will be their responsibility.

Participants agree to provide a summary article suitable for publication in Parker magazine after the conference.

Our Goal

Attendees will leave the conference with new skills, knowledge and insight into the evolving parking and mobility forum, equipped with the essentials to develop a go-forward action plan.  Participants agree to provide a summary article suitable for publication in Parker magazine after the conference.

Submission Process

Proposals will be accepted online until April 14, 2023.

The individual submitting the proposal must also be the presenter and main contact for further communications. Co-presenter(s) names and panelists must be identified during the submission process. Substitutions of presenters and panelists will not be allowed after the close date and may result in the presentation being disqualified.

Selection Process

Submissions will be evaluated based on quality of topic content presented in the abstract, relevance of content to the current environment, innovativeness, learning objectives provided, range of interest and schedule availability.


All presentations must be non-proprietary and may not be used as an opportunity to promote brands, products, or services in any way. All commercial activities will be limited to the Vendors’ Learning Lounge or on trade show area for registered exhibitors only. Violation of this policy will result in the presenter(s) being banned from future speaking opportunities.

Acceptance Process

If your submission is accepted, a formal email confirmation will be sent to you on or before May 31, 2023.

An offer to present at the CPA conference does not include free registration, travel or other expenses, nor is there a stipend paid. Presenters are encouraged to attend part or all of the conference. For those who choose not to attend the full event, day passes will be available.

Submission Form