Uber and Lyft and relevant parking impacts

Looking for thoughts from other cities as we consider introducing Uber and Lyft. Any changes to policies, impacts to parking supply and demand

and anything else that might be relevant.

Thank you in advance!

– Halifax


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  1. Holly Steuernol February 4, 2020 at 9:44 pm · · Reply

    We have both Uber and Lyft that come to our campus. From our experience it is difficult to communicate with them as they are represented individually. If we make changes to a regulation and want to communicate this information to them (as we would with our local taxi companies) it is very difficult. We have some areas on our campus that are strictly enforced as fire routes and restricts all vehicles access, however most times they disregard these areas as many fail to obey signage and there is no way to contact them to correct them.

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