Free Parking during Covid

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Like many Universities when COVID originally shut down our city in March 2020, McGill University suspended paid parking since only essential services (electrical and mechanical trades) were on site. The decision to restart parking came at the end of August and it has taken weeks to set up permits, passes etc for paid parking to begin September 27. Montreal is now entering a second wave and again people are being encouraged to work from home. The University is again considering suspending parking fees. Is anyone else suspending parking for a second wave or is it under consideration?

Jo-Ann Sciampacone, McGill University


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  1. Good morning Jo-Ann,

    As a matter of fact, the MUHC is providing free parking during the second wave as it has done during the first wave. This has taken effect on October 5th. The free parking is applicable only for the MUHC staff working at the MUHC.

    We have also experienced the challenges of administrative processes, such as reimbursement and reinstatement of the different payment methods. The added challenge is trying to accommodate the thousands of new free parking users in addition to the current permit holders and users, such as patients. This experience will be repeated after the second wave. Fortunately, we have an excellent team that is more than capable to resolve any problem or situation.

    Morris Zidle
    MUHC Parking & Grounds

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