January 25, 2021 – We live in an increasingly contactless world. To keep up with the recommendations from global health experts and mitigate potential exposure situations in your operation, CVPS continues to innovate by creating touchless solutions to meet the needs of every operation. CVPS is proud to present, MyTicket: featuring Scan-4-Ticket and Text-4-Ticket functionality. 

MyTicket reduces touchpoints in your operation by empowering customers to operate your Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) using their personal mobile device. “Customers want the convenience and safety of using their phone, but they don’t want another app. That’s part of the beauty of MyTicket,” says John Daniels Vice President & General Manager with CVPS. He continues, “MyTicket gives users all the functionality they want from an app, like Electronic Tickets and Mobile Pay-by-Phone, without the hassle of a download.” MyTicket works seamlessly with all CVPS access control devices for controlled operation. No gate? No problem. MyTicket can easily be configured for gateless environments. 

In controlled operations, MyTicket signs are posted on each entry device. Scan-4-Ticket functionality utilizes lot-specific QR codes while Text-4-Ticket uses a designated local phone number and lot-specific codes. After user-interface, CVPS guides the parking patron through a quick parking survey and then automatically generates their Electronic Ticket to vend gates during ingress and egress from your facility. The entire process is contactless when deployed in conjunction with CVPS Mobile Pay-by-Phone functionality. 

For absolute flexibility, MyTicket is just the ticket for gateless operations. Simply post MyTicket signs at all entrances and in strategic locations throughout your facility. As an added layer of convenience for your parking clientele, MyTicket information can also be shared on your website. Guests use the camera in their mobile device to scan the lot-specific QR code or to text the posted code to the designated local phone number. After filling out a brief parking survey, customers are instructed to pay for their parking session using CVPS Mobile Pay-by-Phone. Using the information collected during the parking survey, lot audits can be completed to maximize revenue collection.

MyTicket can help you achieve your revenue goals quickly. In an uncontrolled configuration, Scan-4-Ticket or Text-4-Ticket can be implemented in as few as 24 hours for a completely gateless, totally touchless parking revenue solution. 

For more information about MyTicket featuring Scan-4-Ticket and Text-4-Ticket functionality, call +1 (800) 955-3516 x1 or send an email to info@CVPS.solutions.


About CVPS Solutions

CVPS pioneered the use of technology to manage valet parking installations. The first CVPS system was installed at the Somerset Mall in Detroit in 1996, when most people thought that putting a computer in a valet parking booth meant that you were crazy. Fast forward to today and using technology to manage a valet parking asset isn’t crazy anymore – it’s expected. 

CVPS has been installed in hundreds of locations across six countries and is well established as the leading valet parking technology in the industry. Our products are installed at convention centers, arenas, casinos, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, airports, and commercial garages. We offer a variety of contactless solutions and all of our products are flexible, scalable and can be tailored to meet the needs of any operation.

Contact: Sabrina Amerson
Tel: 612-331-2020 ext 6148


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