120 volt charging of electric vehicles

I have had a patron ask me what my plans are for facilitating 120 charging for her electric vehicle as it is a simple 120 plug.

What are other institutions doing? I am sure this request will become more and more common.

She said she can use out standard block heater plug ins but is it my obligation to turn those on for people to charge their cars?



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  1. Jo-Ann Sciampacone November 19, 2019 at 6:26 pm · · Reply

    I’m at McGill University. We already have two electric vehicle chargers installed with more coming on line in the next two years. We also got specifications from our electrical department and have designated a couple of indoor plugs as car charge plugs. We aren’t accommodating everywhere at this time. Its basically we have charging in this area, if you want to charge you go there.

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