This award acknowledges CPA members who have created operational processes, programs or technical innovations that exemplify the experience of innovation, economic results, benefits to its company or other groups in the community, and new developments that may be an advantage or value to others, all of which may represent new ideas or concepts, projects, or programs that benefit the parking profession and sustainable programs.


The four criteria identified below are each worth a maximum of 25 points. A narrative not to exceed 1000 words (300 word executive summary and 700 word description) must be submitted to cover the four major areas.  Photos and graphics should be used to further detail each of the four criteria.

  1. Productivity Improved or Problem Solved — Explain how the program has increased efficiency, improved productivity, relieved congestion, or solved a problem.
  2. Measured Benefit of Program or Operation — describe the success of the program and what standard of measurement was used to determine success (customer service, efficiency, safety, savings of time or money, etc.)
  3. Innovation/Creativity — Note the various elements that make this process, program or operation creative. Explain how this program/operation is original and unique.
  4. Adaptability by Others — Describe how this innovation can be used by other agencies. Explain the ease by which others can adapt the program/operation to their use.

Eligibility:  Open to CPA members from the following sectors:  Airports, Hospitals, Universities/Colleges, Municipal, Government or Private Operators.  Commercial products and/or services are not eligible.

Entry Fee: $100 per entry


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