Canadian Condos Offer Free Nissan LEAFs If Tenants Buy Parking Spaces

The News Wheel | Nov 3 |

One Toronto real estate company is taking a drastic step in condominium purchasing incentives by offering new residents a free Nissan LEAF if the resident buys a parking space equipped with an EV charging station along with the condo.

The company, Bside at Minto Westside, is partnering with Nissan Canada to offer these vehicles in “an unprecedented move towards sustainability in the Toronto condo market.” Apparently, Bside thinks that condos in Toronto currently lack the infrastructure to deal with electric vehicles.

Wells Baker, Director of Conservation and Sustainable Design at Minto, said, “The majority of high-rise buildings are faced with the challenge of overcoming a lack of infrastructure and space required for transformers needed to install electrical vehicle chargers. Bside is aiming to set a new benchmark in Toronto. It’s being developed with a dedicated transformer for EV chargers as well as space to add additional chargers as demand grows.”

Of course, if the infrastructure is built up across Toronto for electric vehicles, Nissan (whose LEAF is the number-one-selling EV in Canada) can only stand to gain, especially as the company continues to improve its electric vehicles and EV technology.

As Steven Rhind, Nissan Canada’s director of marketing, said, “The added incentive of offering an all-electric Nissan LEAF to buyers is exceptional.”

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Bank of Canada unveils and issues new commemorative $20 note

La version française suit le texte anglais.

The Bank of Canada unveiled and issued a commemorative bank note today at Rideau Hall to mark the historic reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This limited-issue bank note is a variation of the existing $20 note in the Polymer series.  It has all the same security features, making it easy to check and difficult to counterfeit.  The differences are in the visual elements of the large window.

The commemorative note will circulate along with the existing $20 note, and will be available to Canadians through their financial institutions starting tomorrow.

Since this commemorative note is being issued in relatively small numbers (5 per cent of $20s in circulation), and may be retained as keepsakes by Canadians, its volume and time in circulation may well be limited.

The Bank made commemorative notes available to financial institutions and others in the cash-handling industry for testing purposes. Testing by financial institutions showed no impact on ABMs and some note accepting devices, however, certain other note accepting devices did not readily accept the commemorative note. Should this occur, another bank note can be used instead.


La Banque du Canada dévoile et émet le nouveau billet commémoratif de 20 $

La Banque du Canada a dévoilé et émis aujourd’hui, à Rideau Hall, un billet commémoratif pour souligner le règne historique de Sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth II.

Émis en nombre limité, ce billet est une variante de l’actuel billet de 20 $ en polymère. Il intègre les mêmes éléments de sécurité (ce qui facilite sa vérification et complique sa contrefaçon), à ceci près que la bande transparente présente de nouveaux éléments visuels.

Le billet commémoratif circulera en parallèle avec l’actuel billet de 20 $ et sera distribué dès demain aux Canadiennes et aux Canadiens par l’entremise des institutions financières du pays.

Étant donné qu’ils sont émis en quantité relativement faible (5 % de la totalité des billets de 20 $ en circulation) et…

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