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The Canadian Parking Association Awards (CPA)

Purpose of the Awards

The success of the Canadian Parking Association is based primarily on the continued support of its members who strive for excellence in their field.  Today’s parking industry is comprised of professionals from entry level to executive across a broad range of disciplines:  planners; technical and environmental developers; financial experts; designers and builders; consultants; customer service representatives, to name a few.  The collaboration between these professionals drives the industry to develop and achieve strategies that enhance the communities in which we serve and heightens awareness of the parking industry in Canada.

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Parking Association (CPA) recognizes the contributions by members through these awards with following goals intended:

  • To encourage young professionals to consider Parking as a career choice;
  • To create role models for members of the Canadian Parking Association;
  • To encourage professionalism in the parking industry;
  • To acknowledge achievements for innovation and technology development in the parking business;
  • To acknowledge individuals who have excelled in their area of work and in personal achievements that have had a positive effect on their communities.

Who may make a nomination?

Any CPA member in good standing may submit a nomination. Nominations must be supported in accordance with the nominations criteria set out for each award category. Nominees must be CPA members in good standing.

Format of Nominations

Incomplete entries cannot be considered and will be disqualified.  All documents submitted must be in PDF format, and images in .jpg or vector format, minimum of 300 d.p.i. high resolution.

Presentation of the Awards

The awards are presented at the Annual Conference and Trade Show, Awards Dinner held in the fall each year.  Winners receive recognition during the dinner and will be featured in Parker magazine.

Closing Date for Submissions is Friday March 31, 2019


Nominations process and details for each award category:

Business Excellence

Open to CPA members in the Supplier, Consultant and Private Operator sectors who demonstrate continued commitment to the development and advancement of the parking industry.

Contributing Member

Open to individual members of the Canadian Parking Association who have demonstrated a continued commitment to the development of the image of parking as a professional industry.

Innovation in Parking & Programs 

Open to all members of the CPA who have operational processes, programs or technical innovations that exemplify the experience of innovation, economic results, benefits to its company or other groups in the community, and new developments that may be an advantage or value to others, all of which may represent new ideas or concepts, projects, or programs that benefit the parking profession and related sustainable programs.

Marketing & Communications  

For CPA members who create programs around value for customers, and/or highlighting the professionalism of the parking industry in the community, spotlighting outstanding marketing, promotional, public relations, and communications-outreach efforts in the parking industry and the communities served.

Parking Staff Member of the Year  

Acknowledge an individual’s exemplary customer service and demonstrated commitment to his/her team through actions above-and-beyond his/her job description.

Parking Supervisor of the Year

For parking supervisors in leadership positions at front line parking operations, who have made a marked difference through demonstrated solid leadership skills, guidance, and support of both the company and his/her direct reports.

Canadian Parking Foundation (CPF)

The Canadian Parking Foundation’s Ted Seeberg and Ed Keate Awards are awarded at the discretion of a selection committee of the Canadian Parking Foundation (CPF).