Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Public Parking Facilities

I am looking for any standards or suggestions on installation of charging stations in public parking facilities. In particular is there a suggested number or has anyone seen a suggested formula in determining how many should be included in any new developments?  – Fred Crittenden

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Enabled Parking

Are any City’s or parking organisations currently performing physical or visual checks on credit card enabled parking meters to ensure the integrity of the meter for PCI compliance.? How are you performing the checks? How often? Are you checking paystations, single space or both? If both, are the requirements the same? – Paul Melten


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Overnight Parking


With Dec 1st here and having to find a place to park I neighbour onto a public school, also the school I personally attended years back. For a few nights I was parking there and woke up today with a note from a school employee saying if I continue to park here I will be towed. I take my car there around 11 at night and leave for work before 9. I just want to know if I can legally be there or not. Thanks!

Liam Row-Palmer


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