Looking for Parking Authority Information

I’m looking to gather information on Parking Authorities and wanted to reach out to the CPA Community for some assistance. I’m trying to gain an understanding of how they work, the benefits, the drawbacks, comparison with other strategies, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

– Attila Hertel, P.ENG

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Used Single Space Parking Meters

The City of Lethbridge has approx. 700 older style single parking meters (as well as a plethora of parts) that we are looking to put up for sale to another community if it has an interest in any of them.

Does anyone know of a municipality looking to add single space meters to their streets or inventory or possibly upgrade some old equipment?

Anything would be helpful, thank you

-Phillip Berg

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Schools in the Downtown (Paid Parking Area)

The City of Red Deer has a School for Disabled Children downtown in our paid parking area. The School and parents of course feel that we

should offer free on street parking for their busses and parents dropping off and attending meetings in the school. We have taken out 4 parking

stalls and have made this a handicapped zone to accommodate their busses. The question I have is in three parts:

  1. Does your Municipality have a school in the paid parking areas;
  2. How do you accommodate parents parking in metered spaces; or
  3. Do you just open up parking in the area of the school.

-Fred Dieno

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Public Parking Facilities

I am looking for any standards or suggestions on installation of charging stations in public parking facilities. In particular is there a suggested number or has anyone seen a suggested formula in determining how many should be included in any new developments?  – Fred Crittenden

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Overnight Parking


With Dec 1st here and having to find a place to park I neighbour onto a public school, also the school I personally attended years back. For a few nights I was parking there and woke up today with a note from a school employee saying if I continue to park here I will be towed. I take my car there around 11 at night and leave for work before 9. I just want to know if I can legally be there or not. Thanks!

Liam Row-Palmer


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Revenue from Parking Tickets Issued

Our Campus does not receive the revenue from parking tickets our enforcement staff issue.  We contract with a 3rd party to provide ticket administration and collection.  How common is this arrangement in the campus world?

Do you contract out your ticket administration?

Do you receive all or a portion of the ticket revenue?

Do you have a 3rd party doing your ticket collection or how do you manage outstanding tickets (or is this an issue)?

Pauline Tessier, University of Regina

E-mail: pauline.tessier@uregina.ca

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The RFI or RFP process for reviewing parking infrastructure

Have other municipalities put out an RFI or an RFP with regards to Parking infrastructure review? We’d like to find a consultant to review our entire parking operation (on and off street parking, including meters, surface lots, garages, residential, our monthly permit process, our ticketing process, and our summonsing process). We’d like to have someone knowledgeable with current technology and trends who can provide some unbiased, non-vendor advice on where we should be going and why.

How have other municipalities gone about the process of finding a consultant, what results they expected, what results they actually received, and whether the exercise had positive results for them?

Kris McGuire, Operations Assistant / Préposé aux opérations
Parking Services / Services de stationnement
City of Fredericton / Ville de Fredericton

Ph: 506-460-2798 | E-mail:  kris.mcguire@fredericton.ca

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RFP Process for a Mobile Payment Provider

Simon Fraser University is currently contemplating an RFP for a Mobile Payments (pay by cell phone) provider. If you have already gone through the RFP process for a Mobile Payment provider, and would be willing to share your RFP document or any other experiences/advise we would appreciate it.
David Agosti, Director, Parking Services, Simon Fraser University

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Revenue Recognition

With respect to accounting for revenue associated with fines for parking tickets, do you use accrual accounting or the cash basis method of revenue recognition?
Colin Steward, Winnipeg Parking Authority

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Do other municipalities offer free parking “keys” to tourists?

I would like information on whether other municipalities offer free parking “keys” to tourists. If so, are they for a limited amount of time, i.e. 1 hr free, in designated lots or streets, and do you allow “keys: for more than one day per tourist?

Sandi Seale (City of Brockville)

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