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With so many topics to choose from, the presentation line up is filling up quickly.  Here is a sample of what is in store for the 2020 conference program.

Modernizing Municipal Curb Management

Adam Wenneman, Transporation Planner
IBI Group

Curb space is increasingly being recognized as some of the most hotly contested property in a city. The competition for this space is fierce and is seeing ever increasing demand to accommodate various uses and users including, but not limited to courier and package delivery, car and ride share, ride hailing, outdoor dining space, to name a few…

Dynamic Pricing: A New Way to Optimize the Use of a Parking Facility and its Revenue

Baptiste Corno, Business Development Associate
Jerome Lefevre, CEO

Regardless of the type of facility, parking rates are determined and approved through private and local regulations. Although it seems like this might inhibit from capitalizing on varying occupancy volumes at garages, the opposite is true. By analyzing historical data for a parking facility and adopting a yield management approach, it is possible to optimize its use and its revenue.  Featured is the first municipality to use Dynamic Hourly pricing:  goals, methodology, obstacles, results…

HRM, Changing the Way you Park

Chelsea Berriman-Saulnier, Team Lead Support Admin
Transportation and Public Works
Steve Berkman, Supervisor Enforcement
Parking Services,  Halifax Regional Municipality

Parking Services took on a new parking technology project – and brought parking enforcement in-house within HRM.  What are the benefits to doing this? What type of issues were we having with contractors and how much money and time was spent on this? How much money are we saving and how much more efficient are we now?


How to Manage the Explosion in New Parking Technologies

Kristen Locke, ParkMobile

In recent years, the parking technology ecosystem has transformed dramatically, resulting in a virtual explosion of new technologies that integrate the concepts of parking, transportation, and mobility. These changes come with significant challenges for the industry. With this major influx in new parking technologies, how does one choose between all the options available, and what is the best way to effectively manage these technologies at once? This session will highlight the opportunities that come from this rapid transformation, while helping attendees identify the most effective strategies to managing the change and making the best decision for their organization.


Panel Discussion: How carpooling and ALPR solved mobility challenges at Montreal’s largest cardiovascular health centre

Director of Facilities & Parking at Montreal Heart Institute
City Planner at the City of Montreal

Montreal, like every major city has issues with parking. This is especially an issue at major healthcare facilities. Located in a heavily populated borough and attracting staff from the entire region, the Montreal Heart Institute faced serious mobility challenge for its employees following a parking lot reduction of 100 spaces. To address these challenges, the Montreal Heart Institute and the City of Montreal reached out to local partners to implement a pilot project combining a carpooling app and ALPR technology.

Learn how the Montreal Heart Institute used technology and collaborate with the City of Montreal to include on-street parking and exemptions for carpooling employees….


  1. Parking lot design with winter in mind: designing safe parking lots that need less salt
  2. Helping Cities Understand Current & Future Parking Requirements with Real-Time Stall-Based Occupancy Monitoring: A Real- World Case Study
  3. How Montréal-Trudeau International Airport achieved parking revenue growth utilizing demand-based dynamic pricing
  4. Preparing for the EV Revolution
  5. Digitize your operations: building a mobility strategy for the future
  6. Maintenance of vehicular traffic membranes in parking structures
… and more!