Concrete Museums

By Alizé Honen-Delmar

What if parking lots walls were used to host art? That’s what the P.ART.KING project is all about, it brings art where we park.

Underground parking lots are usually quite dull and only seen for their utilitarian purpose but P.ART.KING decided to embellish them with murals from local artists to enhance the customers’ experience and democratize arts.

This project emerged in the fall 2020 in Montreal when it won the public prize of the QI_Connexion contest organized by the Quartier de l’Innovation and SDC Montréal centre-ville. Since then, in collaboration with LNDMRK, underground parking lots are transforming into P.ART.KING with stunning murals added onto their walls, all produced from local and emerging artists. Simply put, this project uses the enormous potential of the large white walls of parking lots as its canvas!

Landmark buildings of Montreal such as Place Ville Marie, 1000 de la Gauchetière and Place Montréal Trust got their underground parking lots embellished with unique colorful murals and the feedback has been astonishing! Members of these properties and the users of their parking lots were impressed by this added value that was brought by this project. It felt like a “ray of sunshine in their day”, a customer said.

P.ART.KING collaborates with local artists that create colorful art pieces conveying a positive message of connection, togetherness and hope. The first production of this project, the urban jungle realized by Caitlin McDonagh in the lobby of Place Ville Marie parking, transformed the entire customers experience of this property. Likewise, Place Montréal Trust parking lot benefited from the P.ART.KING project with the addition of 3 impressive murals on the top walls of its ramp entrance. This series created by Julian Palma, has completely changed this parking lot and people started mentioning it as the…

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Overnight Parking


With Dec 1st here and having to find a place to park I neighbour onto a public school, also the school I personally attended years back. For a few nights I was parking there and woke up today with a note from a school employee saying if I continue to park here I will be towed. I take my car there around 11 at night and leave for work before 9. I just want to know if I can legally be there or not. Thanks!

Liam Row-Palmer


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Parking Data Goes International: Smarking Partners With EasyPark to Expand Data Analytics Platform Into Canada

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –(Marketwired – July 20, 2016) – Smarking, the parking industry’s leading provider of data analytics and yield management software, is expanding into Canada through a new partnership with EasyPark, British Columbia’s preeminent parking services provider. EasyPark plans to leverage the power of Smarking’s cutting edge data analytics platform to streamline its operations and integrate the firm’s parking data into a single, easy to use, mobile friendly platform.

“EasyPark is dedicated to staying ahead of the industry curve in adopting and adapting new technology,” said Nigel Bullers, CEO of EasyPark. “We do this to ensure that our customers have the best service possible while we operate at the highest level of efficiency. We saw Smarking’s mobile friendly dashboard at the International Parking Institute (IPI) Conference and Expo in May, and immediately recognized that this tool would enable the EasyPark team in the field, assisting our customers, all while staying on top of lot occupancies and revenues across our portfolio.”

“In the parking industry, there is currently an emphasis on getting ‘big data’ for parking operations,” says Gary Khor, Director of IT at EasyPark. “Obviously data is really important, but more important is being able to see that data in real time, where you need it: in the field and on mobile platforms so that we can be proactive about the parking experience, rather than reactive after the fact. Working with Smarking it quickly became clear that they had the next evolution of data management that we have been looking for to take parking management to the next level.”

The Smarking Management System enables parking asset managers to monitor and optimize their locations using real time and predicted parking data. The dashboard, which was recently optimized for a mobile viewing experience, calculates a number of key performance indicators including: real time…

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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The Interchange

As the national organization that facilitates professional development, networking and collaboration amongst Canadian parking professionals, the Canadian Parking Association encourages the use of social media and online information exchanges.  You are invited to use The Interchange as an outreach to post your questions and insights and share knowledge with other parking professionals.

To view the most recent posts and add your comments, click on the links in the right column, select a specific sector from the top menu, or submit your question to Canadian Parking Association for posting.

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Residential Parking Program

The WPA offers residential parking permits which provide residents the ability to park in their specific residential zone and are required to obey all traffic by-laws, including all annual snow route bans, residential parking bans, and public works street works signs for spring and fall street cleaning.

Residential Parking Programs help communities manage non-resident vehicles in their neighbourhood by restricting the amount of time non-residents can park.

The WPA is interested in the following:

  1.  if other cities provide such a permit
  2. if the permit is a monthly or annual permit
  3. the cost associated with the permit,
  4. and if the permit is prorated from the time of purchase

Donna Olson | Winnipeg Parking Authority |

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