Have other municipalities put out an RFI or an RFP with regards to Parking infrastructure review? We’d like to find a consultant to review our entire parking operation (on and off street parking, including meters, surface lots, garages, residential, our monthly permit process, our ticketing process, and our summonsing process). We’d like to have someone knowledgeable with current technology and trends who can provide some unbiased, non-vendor advice on where we should be going and why.

How have other municipalities gone about the process of finding a consultant, what results they expected, what results they actually received, and whether the exercise had positive results for them?

Kris McGuire, Operations Assistant / Préposé aux opérations
Parking Services / Services de stationnement
City of Fredericton / Ville de Fredericton

Ph: 506-460-2798 | E-mail:  kris.mcguire@fredericton.ca


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  1. Dennis Van Amerongen January 29, 2016 at 9:05 pm · · Reply

    Hi Kris,

    Have you received any replies that you would be willing to share? The City of Peterborough is getting ready to start the same process.

  2. The City of Burlington sent out an RFP for a “sustainable Financial Parking strategy” in 2012. We had a healthy response and the selected vendor, Carl Walker Inc were fantastic.
    We have implemented a lot of their suggestions and will be doing more in the next 12 months.
    Please contact me at paul.byrne@burlington.ca if you want a copy of the RFP and the final document.

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