The WPA offers residential parking permits which provide residents the ability to park in their specific residential zone and are required to obey all traffic by-laws, including all annual snow route bans, residential parking bans, and public works street works signs for spring and fall street cleaning.

Residential Parking Programs help communities manage non-resident vehicles in their neighbourhood by restricting the amount of time non-residents can park.

The WPA is interested in the following:

  1.  if other cities provide such a permit
  2. if the permit is a monthly or annual permit
  3. the cost associated with the permit,
  4. and if the permit is prorated from the time of purchase

Donna Olson | Winnipeg Parking Authority |


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  1. Paula Nichols September 28, 2015 at 6:44 pm · · Reply

    City of Kingston has on-street parking program;

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