The role of district chapters

The Canadian Parking Association board encourages and supports the creation of district chapters of the CPA. The CPA’s goals for the creation of district chapters are to foster the CPA mission and vision at a local level, to support the CPA strategic plan and to encourage increased involvement in the CPA.

Benefits of District Chapters

District Chapters enable the CPA to extend its reach to all levels of the parking industry. Chapter members interact frequently to discuss problems and new concepts with the goal of developing common solutions at the local level. The local chapters are comprised of individuals or companies who are involved locally in the parking industry.

Chapter leaders are required to hold a CPA membership, but participants do not require a membership to attend meetings. Admission fees are required from time to time to cover the cost of speakers, room rentals, or miscellaneous expenses.

Call the CPA office and ask for information on the chapter nearest you or contact the chapter leader in your area.

Chapter Leader Toolbox

Chapter Leaders


Sylvie Mercier
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
P 604-739-6279


Anna Marie O’Connell
City of Guelph, ON
P 519-837-5612  Ex 2254
C 519-362-4656

Rick Duffy
WPS Canada, ON
P 905-625-4370
C 416-937-4771

Past Events

Edmonton Chapter Meeting – February 27, 2018

This event takes place at the Edmonton Airport, Amsterdam & Reykjavik Rooms (Mezzanine Level 3). Members and Non-members welcome. Registration and networking start at 11:15 am. Welcome and Opening Remarks at 11:45, followed by lunch. A tour of the Edmonton Parking facilities will be followed by a refreshment break and presentation from the City of Edmonton on LPR Technology Implementation.

Pacific Chapter Meeting – Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Join your BC parking colleagues for an afternoon of networking, education, and socializing.  Wednesday, June 14, gather at the City of Vancouver’s Crossroads Building at 12:30 PM.  Registration and networking will be followed by a Roundtable discussion led by Thomas Nguyen of PayByPhone and a Presentation by Dale Bracewell of the City of Vancouver.  Socializing will take place across the street at “Original Joe’s”.  For more company exposure, sponsorships are also available.  CPA Members and Non-members are welcome.

Toronto/Guelph Joint Chapter Golf Tournament – June 9, 2016

The best place to park on a sunny Thursday afternoon in June was at the Royal Ontario Golf Club in Milton, Ontario.  Chapter members from the Toronto, Guelph and surrounding areas hit the links for an enjoyable time golfing and networking.  Thanks to Anna Marie O’Connell from the Guelph Chapter who organized another successful event.  Thanks also to the sponsors for their generous support.

Toronto Chapter Event – June 12, 2015

On Friday June 12, 2015 members from the Toronto Chapter gathered for a unique event. Held in the Tim Horton’s Theatre at the Hockey Hall of Fame, attendees were treated to presentations and an open forum discussion.

Ian Maher and Ann Marie Chung from the Toronto Parking Authority started things off with their presentation entitled “TPA Goes Mobile – Paying for Parking Using Your Mobile Device”. In March 2015, the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) introduced Green P Mobile Pay, which enables parkers to pay for parking using their mobile device, providing users with considerable choice and flexibility to augment the traditional payments at on-street parking machine locations and off-street parking lots. Currently, the initiative is available at Green P non-gated (pay-and-display) parking lots in Toronto, and the TPA, in consultation with Transportation Services, the Toronto Police Service, Parking Tag Operations – Revenue Services, and Legal Services, is working to expand the program at on-street parking locations in the City of Toronto.

The next presentation “Designing Streets for Local Business Communities: Implications for Active Transportation and Parking Infrastructure” was a continuation of a talk given by Daniel Arancibia, M.Sc. in Planning Class of 2015 from the Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto, given at the last Toronto Chapter meeting. Daniel continued the complete street discussion, considering how the viability of businesses in urban areas is affected by street design, and what this relationship means for parking and active transportation infrastructure. Daniel delighted the audience with some very interesting photos from the Toronto archives.

To wrap up the event, “Autonomous Vehicles: The Next Disruptive Technology” was presented by Barrie C. Kirk, P.Eng., Executive Director of Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE). Barrie provided insight into how autonomous vehicles will change our cities and society as much as the arrival of cars did during the 20th Century. The presentation provided an overview of the status and trends of AVs, and described the socio-economic impacts and the specific impacts on the parking industry. This topic will also be presented in Vancouver at the annual conference and trade show in October, 2015.

Comment from Toronto Chapter

What a well-rounded program CPA put on: an impressive new parking program from the city, a very thoughtful look at the interaction of cars, parking, cycling and livability as well as a glimpse into the future of parking. What better value could be had from a half-day conference?
Bern GrushPay-by-Sky

Lunch and a tour of the Hockey Hall of Fame rounded out the event. Thanks to the presenters, participants and Panda Parking for offering courtesy parking at Brookfield Place for the event.