With a circulation of 2000, Parker is the first fully-bilingual parking trade magazine in the world. Both online and in print, Parker provides current and relevant information on technical, political, and economic concerns facing the parking industry in Canada.

The CPA’s technical bulletins have been developed to support key aspects of parking management. Each bulletin has been written for the Canadian Parking Association by industry experts and are the primary reference source exclusively for members.

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Media kits for Parker, Conference Program Guide and other publications set out the guidelines for use by advertisers. Use of the official CPA brands and logos may be approved for promotional use by members upon request.

Staying connected and informed

Sharing current information and reference material through regular communication provides members with industry news and updates throughout the year. Members can keep abreast of changes, new innovations, and other news relevant to the parking industry in Canada through a variety of publications that can also be found on the Canadian Parking Association’s web site.

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