The Parking Supervisor of the Year Award has been created for employees who have been serving in a parking and transportation position at the time of nomination, be an active member of a CPA member company in good standing and who has worked for a minimum of two years in the parking industry in a supervisory position.

NOMINATION CRITERIA                               

Award criteria:

  • Evidence of leadership in the parking and transportation industry.
  • Commitment to advancing unique and innovative ideas.
  • Professional character and reputation.
  • Indications of service and leadership include participation on boards, committee, task forces, and presentations, etc.
  • Community service including civic organizations or other groups outside the industry.
  • Service to the profession above and beyond normal job responsibilities.

Parking Supervisor of the Year nominations must include all of the following:

  1. A two-page statement (approximately 1,000 words) discussing the individual and why he/she is deserving of recognition. Include a description of the individual’s customer service skills demonstrated that re above-and-beyond his/her job description.
  2. Resume, job description, or outline of duties.
  3. A one-page letter of recommendation from the appropriate supervisor.
  4. A one-page letter of recommendation from a subordinate of the nominee.
  5. A one-page letter of recommendation from a peer.
  6. Additional supporting documentation, if desired (not to exceed three pages).


Head/shoulders professional photo in JPG or Vector format: a minimum of 300 dpi high resolution (i.e. original, unedited JPG at original size, at least 2″ x 2″ and 1 MB). 


If you have a video that you would like to submit with your nomination, please include the URL in your nomination submittal.

Eligibility:  Open to CPA members from all sectors. 

Application Fee:  There is no entry fee.


This form cannot be saved. All supporting documentation must be uploaded with this submission. Please read the Nomination Criteria and provide all accompanying documentation in pdf format.


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2017 Recipient

Sing Yu, EasyPark