Purpose of the Awards

The success of the Canadian Parking Association is based primarily on the continued support of its members who strive for excellence in their field. Today’s parking industry is comprised of professionals from entry level to executive: planners; technical and environmental developers; financial experts; designers and builders; consultants; customer service, to name a few. The collaboration between these professionals drives the industry to develop and achieve strategies that enhance the communities in which we serve and heightens awareness of the parking industry in Canada.

Canadian Parking Foundation (CPF)

The Canadian Parking Foundation’s Ted Seeberg and Ed Keate Awards are awarded at the discretion of a selection committee of the Canadian Parking Foundation (CPF).

Canadian Parking Association (CPA)

To complement the CPF awards, the Board of Directors of the Canadian Parking Association (CPA) recognizes the contributions by members through these awards with following goals intended:

  • To encourage young professionals to consider Parking as a career choice;
  • To create role models for members of the Canadian Parking Association;
  • To encourage professionalism in the parking industry;
  • To acknowledge achievements for innovation and technology development in the parking business